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Butterfly Orchid

Colorful and do not break quietly elegant, put it in the study, looks easy and refined, it seems dignified and likes a girl, put it in the sitting room or bedroom, make a person really pleasing to the eye, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.



Since ancient times, the rose has been a symbol of love and romance. It is a delicate and charming flower, with its petals folded down slightly and its branches with thorns. It is strong, confident, elegant, charming and resolute.This bunch of pink roses like shy girl, cheeks slightly red, gentle and lovely.Such a bundle of roses is put in the bedroom, can build romantic and sweet atmosphere quickly, put in the sitting room can add classic literary and artistic breath.



Chrysanthemum is fresh and free from vulgarity, give a person at the moment a bright feeling, plain and simple color, graceful and dignified gesture, elegant but do not lose lively, it is not forgotten, linger on.Additional, chrysanthemum is indicative "satisfactory", consign the good wish that people longed for family reunion.The flower uses silk as material, the fabric is flat, the handle is excellent, the flower is three-dimensional and full, rich sense of hierarchy, the leaf imitation is high, the vein is clear and visible.



The peony is elegant.Tang dynasty famous poet Liu Yuxi wrote a famous sentence:‘only peony true national color, the blooming season moving capital.' Peony was very attractive and attracted worldwide attention at that time.A bundle of peony with gorgeous colour and lustre gives a person grave and luxuriant sense, it is very good choice to put in bedroom, sitting room, use it to decorate wedding scene to still can make wedding romance and solemn, beautiful and holy.


Artificial Succulent

Popular green plant with its pastoral style, let you feel the nature of the real and pure and fresh and lasting appeal, green plant makes originally the dead room full of vitality, whole room because of the existence of green plant and started to have vitality, like the earth rejuvenation, bring you still hadn't warm winter, calm your restless mind.